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Diskovno polje Fujtsu CELVIN NAS QE707 2x2TB EU


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Dostopnost: Na zalogi

brez DDV: 410,70 € z DDV: 501,05 €


Memory: 1GB DDR3DRAM, 512 MB Flash Memory

 1 x quiet cooling fan 120mm, 12V DC

USB3.0 x3 (frontx1, rear x2), Gigabit LAN x2

Power, USB One-Touch-Copy, reset

Client backup software Time machine backup (OS X Lion support) 3rd party backup software support Encrypted block-level remote replication (instant, scheduled backup management); synchronization mode/Rsync Real-time remote replication (RTRR protocol) for real-time backup of server & client, 3 sync modes, filter, policy definition, SSL protected RTRR/Rsync work as server or client with bandwidth control Backup to Cloud Backup to (encryptable) USB/eSATA storage devices LUN backup and restore LUN point-in-time snapshot (1x)

Flexible Volume/LUN with thin provisioning and space reclaim Volume types: RAID 0/1, JBOD,single Supports storage pools Online volume expansion & storage pool expansion Online RAID capacity expansion and online RAID level migration SMART data migration SSD read-only/read-write cache Bad block scan, recovery, and hard drive S.M.A.R.T. RAID recovery Bitmap support

Warranty 2 years